Thursday, December 6, 2007

Refreshing New Poll

In between sips life can be a real bother, but fret not! Long delay, new poll up.

Correction, thanks to the keen eyes of Mary. Flotsam should instead read sediment, crumbs, crumblies, dregs, precipitate or otherwise.


Mary R said...

Love the poll, but I was momentarily confused. Flotsam is a shipwreck floating on or washed up by the sea, so I thought 'tea flotsam' was that weird skin you can get on the surface of your tea if your water's hard. That. Stuff. Is. Nasty.

I'm down with the dregs, though.

Steven Dodd said...

I like tea jetsam. Fish and mermaids (and mermen) need tea too. The antioxidants and other assorted magic will counteract all the mercury.

Jamie said...

I picked the middle one, but only because the "worst thing ever" seemed a bit harsh. I'll drink tea dregs, but that doesn't mean I don't *prefer* to have a nice clean cup whenever possible. The little leaf bits remind me of coffee grounds when I'm drinking them, and thus of coffee, which I can't stand.

But they aren't the "worst thing ever", and I'm far too lazy for tweezers... ;-)